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MULLANEY is high energy, multi-layered music featuring a stage full of instruments with an acoustic feel and an “organic” neo-traditional style. The music of MULLANEY ranges from freshly arranged traditional tunes and Celtic favorites spanning centuries to original songs and much more. Offering an extensive repertoire of songs and styles representing hundreds of years, there is something for everyone in each performance.  

Their ever - entertaining and high energy performances can be offered as a duo, trio or quartet.  Irish step dancers are also available, upon request.

Mullaney is:

Beth Mullaney - vocals, mandolin, Irish tenor banjo, harmonica, guitar, bodhran, spoons

Nan Fortier - percussion (bodhran, djembe, cajon, spoons, washboard), tin whistle, melodica, guitar

Anne Donohue - guitar, bass, vocals

Vita Corimbi - violin, vocals



Based out of Las Vegas since September 2001, Killian's Angels has recorded two CD's and is currently working on their soon to be released DVD and third CD. Their original arrangement "Celtic High Step (aka The High Reels)" was featured in the October, 2012 premier episode in the Emmy nominated CBS drama, Elementary.  The same song is also featured in the NYC Pub Scene in the popular video game, "Grand Theft Auto IV". Along with being listed as a "Must See Band" in Pauline Frommer's 2008 Las Vegas Travel Guide, Killian's Angels won National Radio Honors in 2006 with King World for their original version of the Jeopardy theme song. Their warm, unpredictable and energetic shows continue to entertain audiences from all walks of life.

Killian's Angels is:

Beth Mullaney - Vocals, Mandolin, Harmonica, Guitar, Banjo, Bodhran, Spoons

Ginger Bruner - Tuba, Bass, Vocals

Vita Corimbi* - Vocals, Keyboard

Anne Donohue - Vocals, Guitar

Nan Fortier - Drums, Tin Whistle, Vocals

*Also featuring Dolly Coulter on vocals, keyboard and melodica.