Mullivan's Edge Concert 



The venue may be named after a South Korean city. But the music's strictly Irish as Mullivan's Edge takes the stage at 7 p.m. Saturday in Ansan Sister City Park, 7801 Ducharme Ave.

 Only four musicians — Beth Mullaney, Nannette Fortier, Anne Donohue and Marlo Zemartis — will take the stage, but they'll be playing more than a dozen instruments, from bodhran to djembe (along with mandolin, guitar, Irish tenor banjo, violin and melodica) while performing favorite Celtic tunes.

The all-ages concert…

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Vita Corimbi 

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Killian's Angels is ever so thankful to have added Vita's amazing talent to our band for the past 5 years. Vita is seen regularly in the hit Vegas production, Menopause the Musical and is a prolific pianist, vocalist, arranger, songwriter, actress, music director, violinist and voiceover artist. 

Vita is taking some time off from the band to pursue other projects and she will be greatly missed. Please make sure to see Vita when you're in Las Vegas. 

Welcome back Dolly Coulter 

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Dolly is an original member of Killian's Angels and is playing with the band again! Dolly has been a featured entertainer, singer, songwriter, music director, playwright and director for over 30 years and adds keyboard, melodica and vocals to the lineup. 

Welcome Marlo Zemartis 

We are thrilled to have the incredibly talented Marlo Zemartis join us on violin. Born and raised in Las Vegas, Marlo is a violinist and composer with a degree in violin performance and music composition. She specializes in a plethora of music genres and has opened for artists including Bon Jovi and Kelly Clarkson. She performed in 2015 Rock n Rio and Life is Beautiful festivals and has entertained crowds at Comicon, Renaissance Faires and Steampunk events. 

Mullivan's Edge 

We've changed our name to Mullivan's Edge but but the Mullaney band is still the same. Introducing Mullivan's Edge, featuring Beth Mullaney, Nannette Fortier and Anne Donohue. 

Take me to Mullivan's Edge

It faces the ocean and sits on the ledge

of a crystal clear water and crystal clear feel

on Mullivan's Edge life is real

Brendan's Irish Pub!!! 

Well, once again Killian's Angels has been asked back to our old home away from home, Brendan's Irish Pub in the Orlean's Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.  It's like wearing your favorite pair of slippers to a family reunion. We were there, then gone, there and gone again, back and gone for over a year, back for 3 months and gone for the summer. Now, we're back again. Whew!  

We really hope to see you there.  


The Angels 

Mullaney and Killian's Angels 

Thank you for visiting Mullaney Music.  Here you will find photos, video, mp3 audio and live performance information for Mullaney, Killian's Angels and Beth Mullaney.  We've just finished another fun and eventful St. Patrick's celebration and we're looking forward to more events throughout 2013.  

One of the most exciting news events for 2012 came by way of CBS.  Killian's Angels' version of The High Reels was featured in the premier episode of the new prime time CBS series, Elementary.  The show became a…

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The MULLANEY band- featuring Beth Mullaney, Willy Wainwright, Nannette Fortier and as a quartet with Anne Donohue. 

MULLANEY at the Faire - With 13 years experience as a strolling and stage entertainer at Excalibur in Las Vegas, Renaissance Faires, Medieval weddings and more, Beth specializes in music from the medieval and renaissance periods.  The shows are tailored to…

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